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Fox & Friends: Only Democrats Have Affairs

August 11, 2008

When talking about John Edwards’ affair in 2006, Fox and Friend Saturday kept trying to hit the story from all angles: how did his wife Elizabeth take it? (She was . . . upset? But remained married to John? I don’t know. I’m just guessing.) How big of a slut was Rielle Hunter in the 80s? (Alisyn seemed to know a bit about Rielle’s history.)

But the sad part is that when they tried to put Edwards’ infidelity and Elizabeth’s loyalty to him in context, the only political comparisons they could make were to Hillary and Spitzer. Two Democrats, one of whom dealt with the issue over 10 years ago. Of course, it wouldn’t occur to the GOP propaganda network to consider the long list of Republicans and their affairs over the last two years. In fact, while both parties have had their infedilities, the Republicans have had the more striking stories–from soliciting sex in men’s bathrooms to sexual advances towards congressional pages to sex with minors.

But if Fox wants real insight on the infidelity of politicians, particularly those cheating on wives with health problems, why not check in with John McCain who cheated on his first wife, Carol Shepp McCain. Or how about asking Gingrich to talk about cheating on a wife with a younger aide. He can even give some insight from men who talk to their wives about divorce while she is in the hospital for cancer treatement.