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Are You Wife Material for Conservative Loud Mouths?

February 2, 2009


Why do conservatives like Dick (“Barney Fag”) Armey and Mike Gallagher immediately think of women guests as wife material?

ARMEY: I’m so damn glad that you can never be my wife because I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day.

GALLAGHER: It’s hysterical. Do you know how many times a week I say, “thank God I don’t have to wake up next to her.” I mean some of these callers, these shrews that call.

Last year, Limbaugh said, “Edwards might be attracted to a woman whose mouth did something other than talk.”

But think about it: these guys judge women based on what kind of wives they would make. Armey couldn’t shut his yap while Joan Walsh talked, which was particularly hypocritical given that he said that we should be focused on the real issues.

The fact is that these guys can’t persuade by their meager reasoning and have to rely on reducing women to sex objects. Armey said that Limbaugh’s “I hope Obama fails” comments and the like are just politics, trying to dismiss any critique of these rhetorical tactics. Yet, he employs them without hesistancy, showing exactly why conservatives should be flogged for making them because they are essential to their strategy.


Fiorina’s Definition of Sexism

September 15, 2008

From the files of “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means,” I give you Carly Fiorina’s definition of sexism.

She said that Fey’s portrayal was “sexist in the sense that just because she has different views than Hillary Clinton does not mean she lacks substance.” I had no idea that Hillary Clinton was so central in defining what is and is not sexist.

The only way you can interpret her definition of sexism is that Fiorina thinks Hillary is a man.