Latest Wingnut Outrage: Playsetgate

March 24, 2009

I realize we have more serious matters to concern ourselves with, but the wingnuts have come unhinged about a playset. Vicki went off about a supposedly $16,000 playset while claiming not to know if the Obamas or the taxpayers footed the bill.

But the Internet being a hard thing to understand, she obviously didn’t see a real news report on this swingset:

  • The set typically costs $3500, not $16,000. The exact amount was not disclosed. One might imagine that, for the publicity, the set might not even cost that much.
  • The Obamas paid for the set themselves.

Forget how the Bush administration dealt out no-bid contracts. We gotta get mad about playsets!

What’s funny is that Vicki calls out “Obama-bots” for “feeling and not thinking.” Uh huh. Carry on with your rage.


2 Responses to “Latest Wingnut Outrage: Playsetgate”

  1. Sam O. Says:

    I read the blog post, and you’re off on your numbers. The playground set cost somewhere around $14,000 because of the extras, plus about $1500-2000 for taxes and installation. I looked at playground sets for my kids last year, and while there are alot fancier ones out there, there is no way that one at the White House is only $3500. No way. Unless they gave Obama a big discount for the free advertisement and didn’t charge tax or the cost to install it. And mebbe they did. If so, then kudos. But that thing is nowhere near $3500 for the rest of us.

  2. txbubba Says:

    Sam, those aren’t my numbers: that $3500 number comes from a Rainbow distributor. Does that include the extras? The article does not say.

    But where does the $16,000 number come from? We know even less. $1500-2000 for sales tax means that the set itself had to cost (at even 8% rate) over $20,000. And installation on the larger sets are often free. (Even my neighbor, who had a mid-sized one installed, paid nothing extra for installation.)

    Yet, it’s all moot because the Obamas paid for it themselves.

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