This is my personal political blog where I have no pretensions of being anything more than a regular guy who thinks politics and government matter.

I live in the DFW area of Texas and was born and raised in East Texas, where I grew up in a moderate conservative home. I campaigned for local Republicans early on and for John Anderson in the 1980 presidential election. But as I worked on history and political science minors in primarily conservative departements, I found myself disagreeing with the prevalent opinions and wandered to the Democratic side, especially after the fiscally irresponsible Reagan administration.

I know all politicians are somewhat deceptive and ambitious, and that both parties have problems. But the Democratic party comes much closer to the things that I believe in–that we should be free to pursue happiness, that we have individual as well as shared responsibilities, that what makes America great is the opportunity for all, not the advantages of being the wealthy few, and that we should be fiscally reponsible. As a father, I love my children and commend them on what they do, but I love them no less than when I help them to correct their errors and wrongs and to be better people. And so it is with my country.


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