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Spiraling McCain Wants a Time-Out

September 25, 2008

We’ve known how bad the Palin pick was, but we had idea that it was so bad that John McCain would try to keep her from the press. But now that she has been exposed repeatedly by rather tame interviewers, the McCain campaign is now trying to keep her out of the vice presidential debates by postponing them.

Is it any wonder? She might just make Stockdale look prepared.

By “suspending” his campaign for an issue that two weeks ago he didn’t think was “about to crater,” McCain seems close to just giving up on the election. I’m trying to figure out what exactly he’s going to contribute to this economic issue. Consider his infamous statement a few days ago: After saying the economy was fundamentally strong, he proceeds to list his usual economic plan . . . “robust energy plan . . . low taxes and reduced burden of government.” Folks, government burden, energy, and taxes have zero to do with the current problems. If anything, the lack of government oversight is responsible for this crisis. We don’t need the failure that is his vice presidential candidate (who is not ready to be president today) to know that McCain has no idea what’s going on or what to do. We can listen to him on the topics themselves to know that he’s lost . . . in more ways than one. The current economic issue is so difficult for him that apparently, he can’t focus on anything else. After he’s still trying to figure out if he supports the bailout or not.

Barack Obama, on the other, has shown calm leadership, doing what should always be done–lay out, first, criteria for a good solution for the Wall Street crisis.

With all the controversies surrounding McCain and Palin, it’s no wonder he wants a time-out.


Palin: Money Before Kids

September 17, 2008

Palin sought millions of dollars from the federal government for pet projects in her hometown of Wasilla

But she fired the state safety commissioner for trying to get federal funds to prevent sex crimes against kids.

She just doesn’t get it.

McCain’s Sad Judgement

September 8, 2008

You can say a lot about McCain’s choice of Palin and all the problems she has with ethics and lying, but really it comes down to a simple question:

Is Palin really the best person McCain could find for the job?

She isn’t, which is evidence enough of McCain’s problematic judgement. We know that McCain’s reasons for this “affirmative action” selection is that the religious right base just wasn’t interested in supporting him, so this selection was an attempt to mobilize them, which it has. Yet, if religious conservatives looked at her critically, they would realize she’s not even the best religious candidate.

Oh, and I find this funny: if Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined, then she also has more executive experience than John McCain.