McCain doesn’t benefit from experience

July 25, 2008

Consider for a moment McCain’s claim that his military experience makes him a better qualified president.

He can’t remember that Afghanistan was the first major conflict after 9/11. (Then again, perhaps that is just indicative of Republicans who didn’t think Afghanistan was a major deal and are content to have Osama bin Laden free.)

He has also confused “the surge” (which was a military buildup in Iraq) with events that occurred prior to that buildup.

McCain also doesn’t know one group from another in Iraq, confusing Sunnis with Shi’ites while calling Iranian extremists al Qaeda terrorists.

Where is the benefit of his experience? Are these just verbal slips? Or do they not indicate a grasp of the details on the most important issue in the McCain campaign? It is one thing to misspell potato, but it is quite another to get the facts repeatedly wrong on the topics on which McCain claims to be more qualified than Obama.

Without being disrespectful, I think it’s worthwhle to consider at least asking about McCain’s mental abilities. I do not toss accusations of dementia out lightly, having a family member currently suffering from it, but it is a reasonable question to ask.


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